Our Story

Our journey was sparked by the creativity of our Founder and CEO, Gina Miles. For years, Gina poured her heart into crafting exquisite hampers for her friends and family, filling every basket with the highest quality products, care, and a personal touch. She would hand-pick products she knew each person would love, and it became a passion of Gina’s.‍Inspired by the happiness our hampers brought to her inner circle, Gina decided she wanted to spread this joy further - and so, The Cool Hamper Company was born! With The Cool Hamper Company, you're not just sending a gift; you're sending an embodiment of thoughtfulness, luxury, and appreciation.

Why we started

Born from the joy of crafting meaningful moments, CEO and Founder Gina Miles wanted to make the art of gifting beautifully curated hampers available to all. Having experienced firsthand the satisfaction and delight of presenting a meticulously tailored hamper, Gina set out to transform this experience into an accessible treasure for everyone.Our hampers offer a selection that speaks to the heart of every occasion. Whether it's our baby hamper, meticulously designed to alleviate the worries of new parents, or The Cool Hamper Company's tea hamper, allowing tea lovers the luxury of a quality tea experience at home, each hamper echoes with thoughtfulness and care.The act of giving becomes an effortless yet deeply cherished gesture, celebrating the beauty of connection through our hand-selected, hand-packed hampers.

Quality Gifts

Driven by a need for excellence, our CEO Gina embarked on a journey to curate beautiful, luxury in our hampers, personally handpicking the finest quality products. Our selection includes organic, natural, and sustainably sourced treasures, ensuring that each product not only brings joy to our customers but also leaves a positive imprint on the environment and our wonderful suppliers.In the choice of our products, our commitment to conscious consumption shines – a deliberate choice to support local and small-scale producers who share our appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship and dedication to sustainability. At The Cool Hamper Company, your gift is a testament to the blend of indulgence and responsibility.

“I was absolutely delighted with the luxury newborn baby hamper I received at my baby shower. The attention to detail and the quality of the products inside were exceptional and it contained everything I needed to be ready for my baby boy to arrive! The adorable baby items were a perfect mix of practicality and elegance.”

“Being a coffee enthusiast, I was thrilled to receive a coffee hamper as a leaving present. The selection of premium coffee blends from Lindfield Coffee Works was outstanding, and they’re only down the road from me. The accompanying accessories were a delightful addition. I highly recommend these coffee hampers to fellow coffee lovers.”

“I just had to share how amazing the tea hamper is! It's delicious teas and china laid out in a beautiful hamper. The attention to detail in the packaging and presentation made it feel like a true treat. If you're a tea lover like me or need a great gift idea, you need to look at these hampers!.”

“The Coffee hamper was the perfect gift for my husband, he loves it! I was surprised at the quality of the items inside.”